Meet The Kids

TGL Farms - BELLA -Cavalier King Charles


Cavalier King Charles

Bella now 14, is "Queen Bee" of the household. She loves car rides, motorcycle rides and is as spoiled as any pup can be! Bella loves treats and traveling. She is momma's girl for sure!

TGL Farms


Cavalier King Charles

Tyrion is as sweet as he is cute and has energy for days! He is super cuddly and won over our hearts immediately! He is a rescue from Cavalier Rescue USA !

TGL Farms - ANNIE - Anatolian Shepherd


Anatolian Shepherd

Annie runs the farm! She keeps all of the babies safe and is a true "working" farm dog. She sleeps all day and is up patrolling the entire property by night! She is very sweet natured as long as her flock is safe!

TGL Farms - OAKLEY - Anatolia Shepherd


Anatolian Shepherd

Oakley is Annie's son and is proving to be taking after his father's large stature! He loves attention & has become an incredible LGD (Livestock Guardian Dog) on the farm!

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Rescue Kitty

Johnny "kitty" Cashwas a rescue from Nashville and will take all the love you will give him! He has a perrrfect, white, mustache. Johnny takes care of our mole problems in the garden & loves people, but lets you know he's the BOSS!

TGL Farms - JUNE - Rescue Kitty


Rescue Kitty

June's previous owner couldn't take her with him, so she is now in charge of  keeping the mice out of the barn and does a pretty good job at it! She is super loving & friendly.


Three Colonies

Honey Bees

We are excited to learn more & to finally have honey bees on property this year! With any luck, we will harvest some farm fresh, organic honey this fall! *Special Thanks to beekeeper & mentor: John, of Ratcliff Honey Farm...


Nigerian Dwarf Goat


Willie is a year old and loves eating the evergreen trees and crepe myrtles on property whenever he can get away with it!

TGL Farm - WAYLON - Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Nigerian Dwarf Goat


Waylon lives up to his name and is the trouble maker of the bunch, however he loves attention! He is Willie's twin brother.


Nigerian Dwarf Goat


Loretta aka: Boots, is the oldest "kid" goat on the farm and will eat anything she can put her mouth on! She is sweet natured & we hope to breed her this year!

Laying Ducks_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Sophia, Rose & Dorothy

White Layer Ducks

These gals are shy, but will each lay as many as 245 eggs per year! Duck eggs are delicious & nutritious!



Sebastopol Goose

Blanche is a rare, white long curly feathered & blue eyed goose. She loves food & bath time!


Ladies of Cluckingham Palace

30 Varieties of Hens

These hens are all organic, free range chickens. We love & enjoy their rich, delicious, rainbow colored eggs every day!