Meet The Team


Sport - Elite

We are both honored & excited to announce our newest member at TGL Farms. Christiaan has a heart as bold & as pure as his beauty! We have fallen in love with this amazing boy & are so grateful to have him on the farm! He has achieved SPORT- ELITE status in Holland, and is among one of the extremely rare & very few Friesians in the world with such a title! Christiaan & Kai were stable mates and both competed in singles & pairs, winning numerous competitions. We can't wait to introduce Christiaan to you!

Palo Alto

Palo turned 14 this year and is tried and true in everything you ask him to do. He is great on the trails, allows anyone at any riding level to mount him and takes care of whomever is on his back. This rockstar is amazing at pulling a carriage and loves doing it! He has a baroque build, which has a thinker neck and more stout body type than that of a Sport Horse. Palo has taught us so much with his patience and experience. We are lucky to have him here at TGL Farms. 


Ster Predicate

Kai was born in Holland & awarded STER status. Only the top 25-30% of Friesian horses achieve this prestigious title. It was love at first site while visiting Friesian Marketplace, in Greer, SC, & she knew she had to take him home! Kai is now 8 years old, loves attention & excels at dressage and driving. He has graced the cover of PHRYSO Magazine for winning many competitions while in his motherland & now is TGL Farms pride & joy.  

Champions in Holland